I don’t read many books, probably much to my detriment. But the ones I read most of the time I end up enjoying a lot. I find that I have to have a particular interest in the content of the book for me to read it.

The current one I’ve picked up is a WoW novel Written by Christine Golden. I have to say I like this womans writing style. This book is called Rise of the Lich King. It goes into detail into Arthas’s childhood into adulthood life. His training with Muradin, his Friendship with Varain. It’s a fascinating look at the now looming Big bad evil that is currently in play on the WoW Servers. I thought I’d be disappointed, as some of the comics written are inconsistent to the storyline that is built into the game. I was afraid that this would go into those depths, but must to my pleasure I must say it doesn’t. What I don’t like is that this book covers the first 3 wars on azeroth. And it covers the first two wars in the first 25 pages. There are details there that I would like to have explored a little more. I understand why it wasn’t though, this book is about arthas not about the Land of Azeroth.

Either way this book has been worth reading, and if you’re a WoW Lore junkie you’ll kick a huge kick out of it.