So Apparently there is a Chinese gaming company who runs an MMO, who has declared a new policy. If you roll a Female character must prove that you are female! By Via Web cam conference. But heck if you’re a chick you can run around as a guy all you want, but if you want to be a chick you have to prove your gender.. which I think is stupid. Anyway I read about this on, and Jon Wood wrote a column about it. His last two paragraphs (to me) summed up the whole issue with this policy.

“Now, I always like to follow up a good, long tirade about sexual identity up with a little bit of cold, hard logic. We’re talking about a freaking role playing game here. I mean, I’m allowed to ponce around the woods pretending I’m some kind of wizard or knight, whacking at things with my sword or wand. No one seems to have any issue with this concept. Nobody has any issue with me pretending to be any ridiculous thing that I like so long as that ridiculous things doesn’t have curves and boobies? Shenanigans! I call shenanigans on this foolishness.

Whatever your own personal politics might be about homosexual rights, cross dressing, transgendered persons or a host of other topics, I hope that we can all agree that taking these steps in a role-playing game is unnecessary and a little bit absurd. We’re not talking about real life here, we’re talking about a game. What’s next? Am I going to have to prove that I’m short and fat in order to play a Halfling? Give me a break”

And this right here fully illustrates why china is the worldwide leader in cause of death due to MMOs. The players are so fanatical they refuse to eat, or sleep, and probably bathe. It’s a huge problem in Asia as a whole. Hell Square-Enix has got a warning on FFXI when you log in that in essence says: Yes this game is fun and involving, we know, but don’t be an idiot and go outside once in a while. There is a whole other place out there called ‘real world’. It’s a screen that you are required to see EVERY time you log in. They don’t want to be the blame of some fanatical people killing themselves by not taking care of themselves.
And seriously what kind of person stays up and plays a game for 3 straight days without eating? Sleeping? Drinking?