Over the weekend we (being my wife and I).. received the.. illustrious opportunity to Dog watch my in-laws dogs…. I’m.. not a Dog lover to say the least. There are some dogs I can tolerate, and some I cannot.. most.. fall into that second category.  There has been 1 dog I would not mind owning, and the reason for this is because he’s so extremely well behaved and low maintenance I don’t have to think about him much.  Like a cat, inside outside whatever. He won’t crap on my floor, and claw up my furniture, won’t bark insistently if he doesn’t get his way, and I honestly don’t mind taking him jogging with me.

My In-laws dogs are spoiled. And old…  We started to refer to the one as an old crone.  Cuz that’s what she is. She’s old and can’t barely move, I’m 100% certain she’s in constant pain, if it was me, I’d put her down. Life for her right now is probably misery, and as much as I hate dogs I don’t like seeing animals suffer.  In Utah, Animal abuse is considered a Felony, I’m pretty certain making dogs and cats live through some of the stuff they have is if not abuse, then at least torture, People get the Right to a DNR. Animals should as well.

The other dog is a poodle… a spoiled snotty Yappity shit all over my floor, and couch Poodle.  This dog kept me up two nights ago. Her constant yapping, She’s so small that we can’t lock her outside leashed up, because she’d freeze to death. Seeing that it’s getting to 30 at night, (and the whole Animal abuse = Felony law) I had to let her in the house. Where she’d shit all over my bathroom.. Friday night we woke up literally to 3 inches of crap up the walls the counter the toilet… everything.  And hardly a drop on her.  My wife put her outside while she cleaned, (Bless her soul) and she somehow slipped her collar. And Poof.. gone..

She spent 45 minutes trying to find her, and finally found her about a mile away.  Last night when they were picked up and taken home, I was happy. I have 40 Fish.. because my fish had  lots.. and lots.. of baby fish.. that’s more animals/mammals than I want.