AT&T is now attacking Google, citing that Google should be subject to the same federal guidelines they are – they are making this claim based on the fact that Google now offers Google voice, they claim that Google blocks out numbers on random. Google claims that the only numbers that are not available  for free are the ones that would incur a charge, Thus why they Implemented the Google cash. You can charge your Google account with real money, and depending on where you call you the amount that you pay per minute changes.

Now to me this makes sense. This isn’t much different from a standard calling card, short of the fact that certain areas are free.  I don’t think that this makes them subject to the same FCC regulars that a standard Telco is subject to. Google isn’t offering Wired and Wireless service. They  do it over the data lines that they own, and Google owns  a lot of them.

Do a Quick Search for “Google Buys Fiber” and you’ll come up with a good number of  hits on how much fiber they’ve purchased. They do not lease the space from the government or from other Private owners they bought the cable. Now, Don’t get me wrong. Fiber is used for more than Data, it’s used also for Telecom. But Google, again.. isn’t a telecom.  I don’t see why they should be subject to the same rules.

I do not think that This will go much of anywhere, As we have all seen. AT&T cannot build a stable iPhone network. What right do they have to criticize someone else’s network?