It occurred to me, that if we ever actually had a Zombie attack — between, Hollywood, and the Game industry. We’ve already explored every possible method of their destruction. In the end, I don’t think we’d actually have many people die from a zombie Apocalypse.

As I explained this to a friend, he retorted with

“How soon you forget how many people are just plain idiotic… and how few people care for zombie games/movies. All-in-all though, the net outcome wouldn’t be so bad, though…”

This is true, we call this a natural thinning of the heard; only the Strong (and geek) will Survive.

But as I stated before. The Swine flu is the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.  This is phase 1.

I imagine that Phase 5 is going to be this.

Sea Pig

it’s called a “Sea Pig” And it also looks like Cthulhu.

Sea Pig Swine Flu.

Coincidence? I think not!