In 1996 I worked for a… Car Rental place in the Airport. Now, I won’t say which one because honestly there is some shame tied to it. One Day Leonard Nimoy Walked in, and got a car. honestly I was a little flabbergasted, here I was standing toe to toe to *THE* Leonard Nimoy.

And he was a massive asshole.

Now I won’t go into the exchange, because honestly it doesn’t matter at this point in time, but it really struck out to me as something you wouldn’t think of someone such as him. Just goes to show how different things are in reality.

Now I want to briefly talk about Comic Con which was held a few weeks ago in San Diego. I sadly could not attend, and honestly a part of me was happy I didn’t when I heard about all of the twilight fans who just went rabid over a 30 second clip of their new movie.

But again I get off point. The reason why I bring this is up is that there were several shows that were in representation there, Most of the British variety such as Doctor who. Who were represented, Some of them had the actors from said shows. All reports i’ve heard is that they were mostly ignored. They have shows that are 6-9 seasons on the air, but people didn’t even really care. From what I’ve read and heard (and I’ve honestly read WAAAAY too much on comic con this year) Most of them were grateful for the attention of the fans, happy to be recognized.

now… How does one.. get from those people who were happy to be acknowledged… to become jerk that was Leonard Nimoy?  I know part of it is in fact notoriety, and he probably got harassed… But does it give him the right to be a complete jerk to some unknown kid who was awestruck and up to that point respected him as a person?