I’m open to MOST ideas and thoughts – especially when it comes to making money. Money is that eternal thing that we all seem to be short on lately.

In the last few weeks or so my father in law was researching a way to enable his wife to work from home and make some money. He came across this website that boasted a $3 trial! Which he signed up for… and a week later gets billed for $69. Yeesh… So he made the suggestion that they give it to us to look into it. When I asked him about he told me this

My understanding of this was that they teach us to work with Google and place links on websites as a way of generating income from Google

So I read into it today.. so far.. I’m really not impressed. This is a website to teach you how to act and be an affiliate for other companies. You’d get paid by whoever company sponsored the click through, but that’s not the issue. Depending on how it was advertised it seemed to give the impression that google would have some direct impact on the money made… and it sorta of does. It does it’s job. It’s a search engine.

Here is why it bothers me.

They have a section called “Landing page” This describes what would be the initial page that someone would click a link would land on. This is the page that you’d want to entice the user at home to read, and click another link to purchase from. They tell you to HIDE the link click through so people can’t see that you’re an affiliate, because people don’t like the idea that you’re acting through an affiliate. They want the money that gets generated goes directly to the company. This is true. If I see a referral link from another domain for a product. I copy the link and go directly to the website rather than using the referral click through. This is one thing that bothers me and as I have found how is EXTREMLY common place.

But these are direct copy/paste of their website.

“Some of the landing pages that you find will be quite good and will make you want to buy their affiliate products or subscribe to their ezines, while others are clearly not as good. Bookmark the good ones to help give you ideas for your own landing pages. You can collect text from these pages, but do not copy! Put your ideas into your own words. A good landing page can double or triple your profits, so this is a very important subject to master.”

Okay..this.. not so bad. It gives you an idea of what you should do and should not do. But I was disturbed by the inclination of “oh don’t copy it.. rewrite it in your own words” At first I literally thought “copyright infringement, but if this place is creditable at all they won’t suggest you do that.” Because this is just to give you ideas of how to bally a tip to get people to click it. Okay.. fine I can accept that as creditable, I could see myself doing the same and trying to figure out how to do it.

Next page

“Do not make your reviews too long, because you do not want to test your visitors’ attention spans too much. Try to make your writing lively, and do not use a great number of big words (unless they have to do with the product or service, of course).”

Are they suggesting that people are stupid? And can’t understand big words? That seems really presumptuous. Should I be offended at this? I think most people would disagree that they are stupid – although I cannot argue that as a whole the general populace seems to be lacking in the “Thinking things through before you act.” I Guess if you were stupid, and there were big words that you didn’t understand that it could be found intimidating and it might make you want to leave the page. And as the cliché says “A fool and his money….”

“In order to write your reviews, you will need to do some research on Google, so type in the product name or your keywords and then the word “review” or “reviews.” You will find a great deal of good information this way. As you are looking at the examples from your research, notice what is most effective for you and model that.”

Again, suggesting you do research other product reviews for effectiveness. Okay that makes sense, I can get behind that.

“Take the best ideas and cut and paste them into your document. Then, while looking at what others have written, put each idea into your own words and remove the text you copied from the Web. It is especially important that you do not copy directly from others, because copyright infringement is illegal, and can even get you sued! Besides, when you put something into your own words, it reflects your personality and style, which makes it more convincing.”

Okay.. hold on a second cowboy.. do what? Okay so .. we are going to do a product review of a product you’ve never seen.. or used… not only that we’re going to “Borrow” someone else’s review.. and rewrite it to make it sound like it’s yours. let’s not fail to mention that rewriting it makes it sound like more convincing. Because you know, you’re all about being an honest person here. But this is because copyright infringement is illegal.

“The easiest way to differentiate copied text from your own is to change the color of the text you have cut and pasted to red or green — while keeping your own text in black.”

And now we’re giving TIPS on how to be underhanded… this is fascinating. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

“In creating your product reviews, start with a short explanation of the product or service describing how it is the best, worst or in-between; and you may even put in your own recommendation. Use the research you did above to help you with this. Include price and other relevant information at the beginning of the review.”

So include a recommendation based on someone else’s recommendation.

“Be sure to put the affiliate product you want most to sell at the top, and be sure to make a clear distinction between the best and worst. You are trying to influence people to buy the one you think is best. If your copy is not clear, they will become confused and leave your site. Sometimes, they might buy one of the other products you reviewed — and that is okay, because you will still make money!

See now this reads to me like “put the one that will give you the biggest kickback at the top. Regardless of how crappy the product is because this is all about making money.”

“Try to find some pictures that illustrate a product or service. There are many places to look, but my favorite is Yahoo. Look at the top of the page, and you will see a search section called pictures. Click on this and type in your keywords or something that is related to your topic or product and you will find a great number of pictures (many of which are not copyrighted) that you can use freely. Google also has a pictures section.

But only try.. because apparently it’s not vitally necessary to put in much effort to rip people off. I mean.. sell a product. Short of one detail. Most pictures of most products you will want to take will be on a website that will have some kind of agreement that says that the pictures are property of them and you may not use them freely. But hey you’ve already said to steal someone else’s review and just re type it. Why not just steal their pictures too.. or would that be too obvious… perhaps that’s in lesson 2.

In order to save a picture you find on the Web to your computer, right-click your mouse and choose “save image.” Then select a file location and give the image a name that helps you to remember what it is, so that when you go to use it you will know where to find it. Be sure that any images you use are small, and fast-loading. Slow-loading pages can lose you customers and income.

That’s right… make them small so it’s harder to see the manufactory defects.

Don’t forget to put your cloaked link to the relevant affiliate sales page in each review and make the link blue, bolded and underlined. Many studies have shown that links that look like standard links are more likely to rate clicks. You can put the usual “click here to learn more” or “click here to buy now” words in your links. The only links from your landing page will be the ones that go to your affiliate program(s).

BE SURE TO CLOAK YOUR LINKS. What cloaking does is transform your complicated-looking affiliate link to a very simple one. Theres a few websites that offer free link-cloaking like http://www.addme.com, but they may not be good for you because these free sites may go down or offline for at anytime. The BEST link cloaking is one that you setup yourself, ones that you’ll find within this membership. Many people who buy online know what affiliate links look like and if they see one, they will often not click on it. You need to run your affiliate link cloaker in order to create an ordinary-looking link that goes to your affiliate program, instead of the long link you received from them. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, go to the link cloaker section on the Web site.”

We need to hide the fact that we are being underhanded… we don’t want to get caught for copyright infringement.

“As you may be aware, the very best reviews are those that seem unbiased and honest.”

They seem honest, as honest as the guy who you stole it from, Proof positive of that!

People who read your reviews can generally tell if you are just saying nice things about the product or service with no real knowledge. It is important to develop trust between the reader and yourself. Do not just “say good things;” put in pros and cons to make your review more believable. The ability to write these types of review is also the reason it is so important for you to do a good job researching the product or service before writing the review.

Yes we need to say good things about a product we’ve never used! Why lie when you can steal someone elses.. so much better!

A testimonial landing page contains all the information that a review does, but in a style as if you are the one who uses the product or service.

Just don’t let them know that isn’t true.. because you know the whole illegal thing there.

This style is much more effective if you actually do use the product in question. The important thing with this type of landing page is to get an emotional response from readers.

That’s right you want to invoke such a heart driven response that they form a religion around your review! Such passion!

You may be appealing to their fear, greed, vanity, pride, desire for security, or the need to be wanted. The secret of effective sales writing is understanding the motivation of your audience and appealing to that motivation.

How about money? That’s a great motivation!

“As you are writing your testimonial, consider your readers and think about what may be in their minds as they are looking for information on the Web. Think of obstacles they may have in making a decision to purchase…what makes them skeptical? On the other hand, how could using this product or service make their life better or easier?

Yes as you are writing a testimonial about a product you’ve never used… think what are others out there looking for? What would make their life easier… ooh easy more money so they don’t have to work… I’ll be the people of this website stole it from someone else… that would be SOOO Easy!

“When you are writing your page, do not forget that most of your affiliate programs will have a 100% money-back guarantee, which eliminates all potential risk to the buyer. In addition, it may be useful for you to explain the security available for the buyer’s personal information protection (secured server using Clickbank or Paypal so that information does not go to the company, but to the secure server of Clickbank or Paypal).

Right because when the end consumer returns the product or gets infuriated at it’s complete lack of functionality, it’s the manufactures’ fault! Not yours! You still get your money! Screw the companies who actually higher people who have families and are trying to support them. But if they were smart they would steal everyone elses ideas! Just like you did!

Now here’s the thing. I’m sure people are going to get on my case for “copy and pasting the contents of their paid membership”


as I researched this further It came to light that they are using googles logo. And from what it looks like, it appears to be without consent. Although google may be blind to this I don’t know but I’ve alerted them.

The fact remains is that vast majority of what they are suggesting is underhanded and dishonest. But they put in fine print that you have a week to cancel…knowing that people who are looking into this kind of thing are so busy it might take them longer than a week or two to actually sit down and look at it. Such as the case my inlaws.  Is what they are doing illegal? Not necessarily, but it doesn’t make them honest, nor does it make them good people. They claim to have “Free products to offer for you to sell” but it’s something else with googles name on it. They claim to have more, but you have to upgrade to a gold membership. so I investigated the cost of that, and that was no where to be found.

Salesmen are generally really dishonest people. they will say nearly anything to make a sale because their life revolves around money. this doesn’t ring any different too me. I Feel bad for my in laws, and anyone else who has been taken advantage of.