Apples latest attempt to quell the Jailbreaking rush (of which current stats are that 8.9% of all iPhones are jailbroken. oh nose!!)
Apple is saying that they are afraid that people can spoof phone numbers which would be desirable to drug dealers.

First of all, Apple should stop putting ideas into peoples heads. secondly, this has already happened. Happened to AT&T before it was taken apart by the Government for being a monopoly. That is where the bluebox from the 1950’s came from. And they should know.. they have first hand knowledge of it Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs BUILT ONE! (and they founded Apple!)

The comment from this article was made “Wasent apple founded by hackers and a captian crunch whistle?”

Despite it’s horrible spelling made me laugh, the reason why is this link right here. read the wiki history link below.

I love listening to this case, it makes Apple look ridiculous. What I picture is Apple laying on the floor kicking and screaming because individual users are one step ahead and are taking money away from them. Apple needs to realize that creating a product does not give you the right to control the software market for it and restrict any competition for it. In addition to this, creating a monopoly or trying to control every aspect of a device that is top end in it’s current technology, is going to make people want find a way around it. It creates innovation. The Type of innovation that will bite you in the ass because your being a controlling assgoblin.

And no one likes controlling assgoblins.

Edit: I spoke of this on my facebook and one of my friends (who I actually know in real life for like 13 years said the following
“Uh, spoofing numbers isn’t what perpetuates crime, and if it did it’s an easy loophole to close. Spoofing sims, listening into other peoples conversations, and making illegal online banking transfers are the latest buzz. Last time I checked, jailbraking an iPhone won’t do that, although the Nokia 1100 phones will!”