The problem is the current people in charge of the Live Development is probably blizzards B-line developers. The ones who created it, had the vision of how it should function within all aspects of the game are probably on blizzards next biggest and greatest project and are no longer involved. Which means the gloves have come off, and the current team is likely not as experienced and is going to make more mistakes, (as apparent from the insane amount of bugs) but it also allows them more creativity, which shows with the Argent Tournaments.

Not to mention the amount of developer activity on the boards has skyrocketed, which in a way is GREAT. However it also seems to suggest that GhostCrawlers management isn’t really paying attention anymore. Anyone who has been around since the beginning knows that when WoW was new; a developer response was nearly impossible to find, and that’s because the focus was on what made it good.

Blizzard is treating WoW like most MMO’ companies treat theirs after they start dropping subs and interest — if you don’t believe me, and you’ve been around a while (which I know for millions of people WoW is their first and only MMO and are not privy to such opinions.) Take a look, At DAoC, EQ, CoH, DDO, AC1, and remember how these companies handled their MMO’s as they started to slow down and they moved on to their “Next project” and compare it how WoW has been Since The Sunwell Raid release. WoW is no longer Blizzards main priority, probably 5th down the list, which is sad considering it still has well over 10 mill subs, and I’m sure a massive chunk of those are sleepers. (people who pay, but don’t play.)

Blues are telling people “To check on the forums for updates” But isn’t that what the launcher is for? If you (at blizzard) are claiming “Lack of time” to update the launcher, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. If you haven’t noticed the vast majority of people who are on the forums aren’t very nice or very reasonable and many will argue, if for no other reason than to have something to complain about. The ones you need to listen to are the ones who post extremely rarely and submit tickets rather than whining on the boards. If you do not have the time, then you’re changing too much too fast and you need to slow down and get it right the first time.

I’m not hating, I’m just showing examples and making the suggestion that they need to cut their teeth a little more, slow down A LOT and you’ll make less mistakes. It’s this knee jerk reaction that causes more problems than it fixes and it pisses people off.