And people are doing JUST that… panic.

Come on people, this isn’t as terrible as everyone says it is. At the very least it’ll be the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, that’s not a terrible thing, now is it? Now if we were to suffer a terrorist zombie attack, that would be devastating.

Seriously, this is blown completely out of proportion, everyone is scared and over reacting. Let me present you with some facts.

1976 A member of the military contracted swine flu and died. They created a vaccine for it, and 25 people died from the vaccine. The cure was more deadly than the virus was. The WHO (World health Organization) hasn’t restricted travel to Mexico, and 90% of the cases out in the public right now aren’t swine flu. The media is spinning it up because they have no other news at the moment. Look carefully at the way it’s printed. It’s “probably” and “possible” confirmed cases. They call it probable confirmed, to scare you. It’s a scare tactic, it’s fear mongering, and you MR. PQ Public is falling for it. I have my doubts that there is a single confirmed case in the U.S. and there has only been 1 U.S. citizen who has died from it. (in 1976) The child who died in Texas was a 23 month old child, who was from Mexico. The family brought the child over the border to get the child looked at due to medical issues, and the child died here, she wasn’t a U.S. Citizen.

The point is, West Nile virus is more deadly than Swine flu. The only ones at risk are going to be small children, the elderly, and the immune compromised. If you are in relatively good shape and are healthy the worst you can expect to happen is get sick for a few days and you’ll get over it. Which honestly, is that any different from any other form of flu? Every winter they put out a vaccine, Elder and children and immune compromised are vulnerable! Get vaccinated now! It’s the same speech, just with a different name, because it’s the same situation with a different variant of the flu.

So people, deal with it and get over it. You’re making it out to be worse than it really is. I can see people being skeptics of me, prove my sincerity in this issue I need to illustrate that I have 2 Autistic Children. They are “Immune Compromised.” If anyone in my house is going to get it, it will be them, They being autistic and the fact that we’d HAVE To hospitalize them as they REFUSE to take any medicine at all, and I am not the slightest bit worried.

Over the course of the summer we will see it completely disappear. The reason why is because of the increased sunlight. The sunlight on our skin causes our body to convert vitamins A in to D (or is it D in to A)? and it does increase our immune system, simply by being out in the sun. Does this mean it’ll come back in the fall? it’s a  possibility, but it means that you’ve got all summer to get out and enjoy the sunlight and work out and get healthy.

in the meantime, calm down,  go out and enjoy the summer.