Turns out that I didn’t blog this as I thought, I have notes, so I intended to, but never got around to it. But a friend of mine did I stole this from him, The credit goes to this guy


Tween Hammy & I
[16:08] Moo: so will you be working on uranus from the back end?
[16:08] goos1mattmoo: ( o ) ß ??
[16:09] Moo: oooOOooo O.o he wants your marital status.. you so got the hookup
[16:09] Moo: to Uranus
[16:09] Moo: gonna drill down to the colon?
[16:10] Jagar: SHUT UP
[16:10] Moo: branch out.. and SPREAD??
[16:10] Jagar: hes talking about mormons
[16:11] Moo: telacris I think
[16:11] Moo: wrong window
[16:11] Jagar: ya YA
[16:20] Moo: thats a helluva way to save yer cash!
[16:20] Moo: he use both hands?
[16:20] Jagar: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!
[16:20] Moo: change too?
[16:20] Jagar: i almost lost it there
[16:21] Jagar: my stomache hurts from NOT being able to laugh
[16:25] Moo: so.. did he blow out uranus?
[16:27] Moo: on jupiter.. starring at uranus then?
[16:39] Moo: tight fit? stuffing jupiter in Uranus
[16:39] Moo: no wonder its stopped
[16:39] Moo: jeesus
[16:39] Moo: slower IS better.. less chafing
[16:40] Jagar: SHUT UP I SAID!
[16:40] Jagar: lawl
[16:40] Jagar: this is serious bidness
[16:44] Moo: timmy says when yer done will come migrate his anus?
[16:46] Jagar: I will totally migrate his anus
[16:46] Jagar: uranus too if youd like
[16:47] Moo: ooOooo O.o
[16:47] Moo: you gonna move my cash to uranus?
[16:47] Jagar: sure thing
[16:47] Moo: schWEET!

Tween Hammy & Nigel

[16:00] Nigel: oh well, have fun on your call
[16:01] Nigel: uranus
[16:01] Nigel: lol
[16:02] Jagar: STFU
[16:03] Nigel: sorry it’s funny
[16:03] Jagar: im TRYING not to laugh here
[16:03] Nigel: I’ll bet
[16:04] Jagar: hes uninstalling uranus now
[16:04] Nigel: no I need that
[16:04] Jagar: he says I give him warm feelings
[16:04] Jagar: in uranus
[16:04] Nigel: it’s the loving way you say uranus
[16:04] Jagar: wth?
[16:04] Jagar: theres only one way to say it
[16:05] Nigel: makes him comfortable
[16:05] Nigel: and ready
[16:05] Jagar: well i did lube uranus before i ventured in
[16:05] Nigel: that’s probably for the best
[16:05] Nigel: you need to work this statement into your call “We are going to wreck uranus”
[16:06] Nigel: “ok, NO slower, slower”
[16:06] Jagar: thats not even right
[16:06] Nigel: I have a question about uranus
[16:07] Jagar: STFU PLZ
[16:07] Nigel: sorry
[16:07] Jagar: you are FIRED
[16:07] Nigel: 😦
[16:07] Jagar: uranus gets NO love anymore
[16:07] Jagar: my fking IRC is brokwe
[16:07] Jagar: akisjhdklahd02913
[16:07] Nigel: uranus is broke
[16:08] Jagar: whoa
[16:08] Jagar: he just GROWLED at me
[16:08] Nigel: he is learning about uranus
[16:08] Nigel: what?
[16:10] Nigel: nm, I’m trying to stop now
[16:10] Jagar: you should listen in on this call
[16:10] Jagar: its hilarious
[16:10] Jagar: use your sup powers
[16:11] Nigel: nah, I’ll let you handle it
[16:13] Nigel: poker in uranus
[16:18] Jagar: hes hurting me
[16:18] Nigel: what does he want you to do?
[16:18] Jagar: hes hurting me!!!!!!!!!
[16:18] Nigel: tell him NO
[16:18] Nigel: no means NO
[16:21] Jagar: my stomache hurts from NOT being able to laugh
[16:23] Nigel: you have amazing control sir
[16:24] Jagar: “let me go back to uranus”
[16:24] Jagar: he says
[16:25] Nigel: gladyl,
[16:25] Nigel: lol
[16:25] Nigel: gladly
[16:25] Nigel: you say
[16:27] Nigel: no I’m on earth
[16:27] Nigel: my server is in uranus
[16:35] Nigel: is he going to come play poker?
[16:36] Jagar: he wants in
[16:36] Nigel: it sounds like it
[16:36] Nigel: you make him very comfortable
[16:36] Nigel: and ready . . .
[16:37] Jagar: he wants it
[16:37] Nigel: in uranus