I don’t know how many of you Know who Bill Engvall is, he’s a stand up comedian.

he has his nitch much like Jeff Foxworthy’s “you must be a red neck.”

His it’s one called “here’s your sign.”

Basically the idea is when someone says or does something stupid, you would give them a sign to hang around their neck that says “Stupid.”

The only one I remember vividly is he was hooking up his boat up to his Truck and his neighbor asked him “Going fishing?” he replied with “No the Bronco ran out of gas so I though I’d push it to work with the boat…. Here’s your sign.”

he installed a satellite dish for his dad, and his neighbor came up and asked “Is that a satellite dish?”

“No it’s a Bird bath for really big birds…. here’s your sign.”

Well just now I had a “here’s your sign moment. ”

A loan officer just walked up to me
“What are you doing?”
“writing a loan agreement for (Insert company name)”
“Why are you doing that?”

here’s your sign….

5 minutes later another Loan Officer walks by “are you writing a loan report?”

“No I’m translating the dead sea scrolls into Swahili”

here’s your sign