In times past I would have filled pages of drama and anger and bitterness and spite and hatred – My new view is… why bother? Choosing to participate in said drama never actually comes to a peaceful resolution, and no one really ever “Wins” Nothing is ever gained nor is there a mutual understanding of the issues. It’s one huge problematic detail after another. Participating is pointless and fruitless – arguments ensue over the silliest of details. By the time it’s all over, both parties are hurt, upset, and now further distraught by the currents and riptides that brought on the issue in the first place. In addition to this chances are that the original issue is buried in a pile of bitterness and forgotten about as it was quickly tossed aside.

So my result was to choose to not to participate – although a bit frustrating at times it has been the best choice.

I harbor no ill will or hate at aforementioned people that may now or in the future fall into the above catagory, but I will not extend more than common courtesy to them again.

A much happier more content Obi.