Obi-evil_working> I like pointy things.
giz_me_undies_back> hmmm now we know
* Obi-evil_working jabs Giz with a pointy object.
DyslexicGhost> mmmmmmmmmm new olympic sport pointy stick fighting
* giz_me_undies_back throws a cactus at obi-evils ear
Obi-evil_working> No, I already decided we need Air hockey for a new olympic sport, But in order to add some excitment to this dull and rather boring sport we are going to add razor sharp edges to the puck and a ramp in the middle so you can launch it at your oppents face.
giz_me_undies_back> your mind is soiled obi
DyslexicGhost> I was also thinking irc nuking wars see who can make the best war script knock all your oppponenet off and keep them that way
Obi-evil_working> I am just creative.
giz_me_undies_back> serial killer creative, yeah
giz_me_undies_back> hannibal would be proud
Obi-evil_working> Where do you think he got his ideas… that thief.
DyslexicGhost> The only problem with that sport is there’d never be a defending champion…….suddenly these nukers would be drafting into the spoy agencies, lol
Obi-evil_working> people want thrill seeking dangerous sports. why not just add a little excitment to everyday boring ones?
DyslexicGhost> And Victor Nukenov step up to recieve his gold medal no wait those aren’t Oylmpics officals those are the KGB kidnapping him