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Kevin Stevens Speaks Out

I wanted to set some things straight about the “Kevin Stevens” incident. I feel that Administration missed the point that was trying to be made. The way that Administration handled the incident, demonstrated even further, that there are some issues between Packard Bell and it’s employee’s that need to be addressed. It appears that the companies concerns about it’s employees is very low.

I understood that the MVP contest that Packard Bell held was an attempt to finally acknowledge Packard Bell employees for their hard work and dedication. After the entire incident, it appeared, that was not the case. Instead, it was only an attempt to show the outside public that Packard Bell is an active participant in our community.

An MVP contest is not the way to show employee’s how much their company is concerned with them. Instead, Packard Bell should be making an attempt to see that the new employees have their mail towers, that employees have received their reviews as scheduled, that people who were guaranteed raises after those reviews have promptly received them.

If I was an administrator, and an unknown person was voted as the Most Valuable Player, I think that I would be more concerned with the fact that I should know someone who is considered by his peers as a valuable player. I should have known him a long time ago. Instead, Administration was more concerned with supplying the outside public with a positive image of our company and a PR representative to present it

The tickets and dinner reservations were made, and a global e-mail sent to the entire complex stating all was done. When “Kevin” could not be located, the company chose to lie to us and say that he had been located and was having personal problems. Instant knowledge of anger from administrators was known and the word was out that someone had broken company policy regarding “Kevin Stevens”. MIS and OJT went through audits, as Administration demanded to know who were the makers of this (as the Salt Lake Tribune called him) “Phantom Employee”.

The company did not acknowledge any of the bigger wrongs that had been discovered because of it’s own inaccuracy in locating this situation months before it got to this point. The company also failed to find out what is wrong on their end that would cause so many employee’s to vote against the system.

The employee’s that did not know that Kevin was fictitious, had proof again that Packard Bell doesn’t take care of their employee’s. In their eyes, they saw an employee, with a public announcement of personal problems, not being assisted by his employer in any way. In fact, as a direct quote from Administration, the new MVP “will be able to represent Technical Support in ways Kevin can only dream about.”

In my own opinion, the people who started the name “Kevin Stevens” did much less wrong than the company itself has done and demonstrated.

In my eyes Kevin was created, in the first place, to mock the system and show that Administration is so disorganized, that a situation like his, could WALK through the loop holes without ANY assistance from it’s creators. Not only did Kevin walk, but he ran. The only thing the creators of Kevin did was present a name. On his own, Kevin was able to get a mail tower, a network account, ACD login, access to e-mail, and enough votes from enough people to make himself a name that Kevin has become the type of employee to get places.

If Kevin Stevens could talk, his acceleration through the system would have been stopped by road blocks of people that do not show a willingness to help. As a fictitious person, more people were willing to help him get someplace. If only I had some similar motive or incentive that I could present to Administration, so I could maybe go someplace and get more accomplished. One Supervisor was quoted as saying “Here I have several employee’s who cannot even get a mail tower, and a fictitious employee has one after only 2 days of being here.” Another of the Supervisor’s who knew of Kevin Stevens, long before the MVP contest was held, tried to e-mail Dean Carver the night before the contest warning him about the fact that Kevin might win MVP. But, as fate would have it, the mail servers went down that night and the message was never sent. A couple of days later the supervisor was quoted as saying “I’m glad that my e-mail never went through. If there was one thing that MIS and Administration NEEDed, it was a wake-up call like this.”

It is a sad day when something like this can happen, and management is only worried about finding the source for blame instead of a reason for it happening in the first place..
If Administration can stop trying to point fingers or sweep the incident under the carpet, honestly asking themselves why it did happen, then making a sincere attempt to make sure that it doesn’t NEED to happen again; then Kevin Stevens will be a true MVP to everyone here at Packard Bell.

Oh and that wasn’t “Fate” That crashed the mail servers that night

It was a very Bored Graveyard Crew who setup Rules in their outlook to Forward any Email they got to 10 differnet employees for everyone 1 they got, that was looped back around.

So i’d send 10 out.
Get 5 back,
Send 50 emails out
get 25 returned
and so on and so on and so on…..

I personally can account for well over 800k of those 🙂 Was it intentional? I truely have no idea. I was just told it was going on and so I joined in the fun.