I’m a sentimental sap. and to some of you this may seem crazy. But it’s just the way I am.

I’ve meet some Awesome Peeps on AC2, many of which left a few months ago. a couple of peeps just came back, and everyone RUSHED to the hall to see ’em.
Now These two are special. They became a couple of my Good friends. I have their phone number and when I have Long distence I call ’em weekly. It’s what made the game for me. We always had fun we still do. Some nice things were said they told me that I was one of their best friends and they missed me and vica versa and it was nice. it was great.
Games fun again 🙂

I took a “family picture” or 10
Came out really well. but It’s nice to feel like others care. it’s a nice upbeat shift to alot of things lately.

Sorry whoops. Here are the pics

I have a couple of “REAL photos”